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Christmas Shopping Tips

The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year. It's also an expensive time of year.
It is a tradition in the Philippines or any part of the world to give gifts every Christmas to express their love and gratitude to the people who are important to them.
Besides giving gifts, it is also important to bring the whole family together, especially when there is an important occasion.

1.Make a shopping list
Keep a list of items you’ll buy for your family, friends and coworkers to avoid adding unnecessary items to your cart.
Remember to stick to your list. Don’t get carried away buying everything you see.

2.Set a budget
Decide how much you can spend and be realistic in setting your budget.
It’s essential to keep an eye on your budget and prioritise the things you need to pay first.

3.Be Creative
You can give personalised gifts or homemade gifts to your loved ones.
There are also countless DIY ideas for creative gift giving and Christmas decorations that won’t break the bank.

4.Finding Gifts on Sale
Patiently wait for "sales" to help with the shopping budget. Plan your purchases carefully to save money and avoid the Christmas rush.

5.Don't Use a Credit Card
There are many marketing promotions for credit cards especially this Christmas season, which is why many people are tempted to get the points
or rewards that you can get by using a credit card. It is better to bring cash to avoid spending too much and celebrate a debt free Christmas.

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