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Hello, Can I Borrow?

How many times has an old friend reached out to you and asked if they can borrow money? It is annoying right?

You have not spoken to them for weeks, maybe months or years, but they still want money from you.

If you post that you have got a new job, or a family member is dating someone new, people come out to ask for money.

Hi, how are you?
OK thanks
Great. Can I borrow?
No, go to iPera, they can help!

Then you don't speak to them for months again!

Borrowing money from friends can ruin friendships. Borrowing money from family can cause arguements, especially if you do not repay that money.

You might think that you can afford it, or they can afford it, but then you do not pay and you ruin the friendship.

Not paying iPera means that your credit file will be ruined, and you will get letters and visits to your door from debt collectors.

It is always best to repay friends, family or lending companies, otherwise your reputation will be ruined, and when you REALLY need the money, it is not available.

What you borrow, you MUST repay, then you build up a GOOD reputation and when you have a real emergency, money is available to you!

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