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How July 4th is Celebrated in the Philippines

As the Fourth of July comes closer, individuals across the globe commemorate the United States' Independence Day. However, some people might be surprised to learn that July 4th is also notable outside of the United States. In the Philippines, this date is commemorated in various ways. In this article, let’s explore how July 4th is celebrated in the country.


Before anything else, let’s go back to why this occasion began. On July 4, 1946, the Philippines gained independence from the US. After four decades of American colonisation, the Philippines gained independence. Although the official Independence Day was changed to June 12th, July 4th is still a significant milestone in Philippine history. It represents the nation's struggle for freedom, as well as the country’s efforts to rebuild and establish its own identity.


Today, July 4th is still celebrated in the Philippines. Educational institutions, government, and public areas proudly raise the Philippine flag, with parades featuring colourful floats and costumed marchers, and cultural showcases of Filipino music and dance like tinikling. 

Filipinos also recognise the day's significance by honouring it with educational programmes and displays highlighting the two countries' common heritage. These gatherings help Americans living in the Philippines make new acquaintances and expose themselves to new cultures.


Furthermore, this occasion is also celebrated by  Filipino-American foods. As such, we can expect that dining tables are filled with delicious food, from adobo and lechon to burgers and hotdogs. Showing gastronomic fusion shows how the two countries have influenced one other. 


The Philippines symbolizes international unity as July 4th approaches. With the series of events planned for this day, these activities promote Filipino-American culture and American settlers' contributions. Moreover, this Philippine-American Friendship Day celebrates the two nations' shared history and Filipino independence.


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