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Its Payday. What do you do first?

Some people might buy themselves a treat. Give themselves a bonus. Go out for a meal, buy some nice new clothes, shoes or that new phone that you have wanted for a while.  That is OK, it is your hard-earned money to do with what you want.


Some people might look at their bills, their housing loan, their rent, their insurances, their obligations and make sure that they are paid first.


Some people might put some money away in savings before anything else. In these uncertain times, you never know what is going to happen with your income, so is it best to save for a “just in case” scenario?


Whatever you do with your money, does it make you happy?


The relationship that you have with money can have an impact on how happy you are.  If you are happy that your debts are paid, pay them.  If you are happy buying new things, buy them. If you are happy knowing that you have enough money in savings to be able to afford taking a month off work (or more), then save more.


If you are irresponsible with money, you might have debts piling up, you might borrow and borrow, you might feel stress and panic and you might be unhappy.  Being happy is important.  Knowing that you have enough money to cover what you need is important.


There will always be emergencies in life.  That hospital bill, that home repair during a typhoon, that unexpected bill that needs paying before the electricity is cut off, or the rent that the landlord needs a week early this time. If you have an accident, break something important, have your phone stolen, or something out of your control causes an unwanted expense – there is support from lenders like iPera.


For everything else, you should have savings, an income, and should manage your money so that it best suits your lifestyle.  Live within your means and be happy.  When you need us, we are here.  iPera – your future, today.

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