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Thank you for applying with iPera. We are sorry that we can not approve your application at this time. There are other lenders that might be able to support you at this time.

Lenders information They are a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform which aims to provide a safe and accessible place connecting lenders and borrowers. Rates are from 1% to 8% monthly.

Home Credit Ph. It operates as the Philippine arm of global consumer finance company Home Credit Group. Interest Rates vary depending on terms and products purchased.

Tala Ph. Tala is an online lending platform that operates through their Android app. It’s targeted mainly to people who need quick cash loans for as small as Php1000.
Interest rates: 11% for payment on a weekly basis within 21 days or 15% for payment in full within 30 days.

Cashalo. Cashalo is a mobile-app (Android and iOS) that provides a fast, affordable, and secure access to quick funds. Interest rates: 4.95% per month

Loan Ranger. They implement a fully-automated method of identifying credit score and potential of a customer to repay. Interest Rate: 9.75%

Asteria. Asteria is based in Makati and received full license from the SEC. Their goal is to, “provide online, hassle-free service to our new and existing clients.” Interest rates: 0.8% per day

Robocash. Robocash’s unique value proposition lies in the fact that all operations are performed online. They have a fully-automated system that comes up with a loan amount that goes directly to your bank account – taking away the need to leave the house, perfect for these times.  Interest rates: 11.9% per month (Maximum APR = 143%)

Easy Cash PH. EasyCash is a local financial services company that use scalable infrastructure and technology to build an online platform for lending and borrowing for Filipinos.

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