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Mandaluyong Day

Mandaluyong is formerly called San Felipe Neri and once a barrio of Sta. Ana de Sapa, Province of Tondo.
It was separated from Sta. Ana de Sapa in 1841 during the Spanish colonial rule and constructed its parish, convent and school in 1863.

The municipality became part of Metro Manila in 1975 and became a city in 1994.
On February 9, 1994, forty-nine years after its liberation from the Japanese, Mandaluyong was converted
into a highly urbanized city under Republic Act 7675 signed by President Fidel V. Ramos.

It has undergone a significant physical and economic transformation. It is now a highly urbanized city to host most of the country’s best companies and corporations, shopping malls and hotels.
Mandaluyong was recognized in 2003 as "The Tiger City of the Philippines" because of the improvement in the city's economy.

The Lavandero Festival is part of the Mandaluyong Day celebration, this festival is about the tradition of washing clothes. Mandalenos used to wash their clothes in the clean and clear water of the Pasig River. In remembrance of this old tradition, folks hold the Lavandero Festival every February. Local wives anticipate this event because the festival participants are men doing the laundry.

Mandaluyong celebrates 78th Liberation Day, 29th Cityhood Anniversary

Happy Mandaluyong Day!

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