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Tips to be Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier.

How does Money make you feel? What do you think of first?


There are a lot of emotions associated with money.

If you won the lotto, you might be ecstatic, over joyed, OMG... so happy.

if you work hard all month, and have your pay stolen by a pick pocket on the jeepney ride home, you could be absolutely devastated.

if you have it, you might be happy. If you don't have it you might be sad.

If you have money worries you could be anxious and stressed. Some Millionaires are also stressed about money. Money brings status, imagine being rich and then losing it all on a bad investment, or on bad habits.  Money comes and goes, but how you feel about it is there to stay.

How can you be happier with the money that you have got?

  1. Budget to fit your lifestyle - make sure that your bills are paid, your credit card is settled, and you do not owe anyone anything.
  2. Use your money wisely - it can buy you some freedom.  Having a yaya, a nanny, a house cleaner or someone to run your errands for you can mean that you have more time to spend with your children. Your money is doing good for your family.
  3. Be happy with what you have got - any extra is a bonus.
  4. Be good with your money.  Budget, don't waste it.  I know many rich people who buy things that they do not need, eat at places they don't need to, drink whiskey and expensive drinks they don't need.  I know many people who earn just enough to keep them happy.  Not wasting your money means it will go further.
  5. The way that you make money impacts on how you feel about it.  If you are working in a job that you hate, you might feel the need to splurge and treat yourself when you get paid.  If you love your job, you are already happy, and you don't need to treat yourself as much.  Be happy earning, so you can be happy saving.
  6. If you are saving up for something - BE SPECIFIC.  Have a goal, work towards that goal, keep that goal in mind with every pay check you receive.  When you get there you will be so happy with the sense of achievement.
  7. Bad habits lead to more bad habits.  If you like to spend all your money on payday on drinks, food and having a party, you will wake up in the morning with a hangover and need to spend more money on comfort food, and making yourself feel pretty again.  If you spend and spend, you will keep spending, and you will waste your money.  Wasting your money will make you feel worse in the long term.
  8. Tho shalt not covet - Comparing yourself to your rich neighbours, or to your favourite celebrity will always lead to a feeling of worthlessness or inadequacy. Compare yourself to who you were last month.  Last month I wasted 2,000 pesos.  This month I saved 3,000 pesos.  This month is a better month and will lead to better things.


Earning more and saving more can lead to more........ happiness


When you have money, what do you think about it?


Spend it?  Save it?  Enjoy it?  Share it?   Do good with it?   Keep it?   Get rid of it?



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