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Why People Need Money In Rainy Season

There are only two seasons here in the Philippines. After the intense heat of summer, it is the time of daily rain. Every year the country is hit by many rain storms and typhoons. Due to past experiences of hurricanes, floods, typhoons and earthquakes, fears and apprehensions build up in this time. Consequences such as unexpected flooding, house destruction caused by strong winds, and loss of water and electricity are common on the news stations. It is a worrying time. Every Filipino should be prepared during this time. 


Besides preparing an emergency kit and other items that will help you survive, you must also have enough savings or readily available cash for the coming rainy season. Unexpected expenses might come up and making some preparations for the upcoming rainy season often requires money.


Check the condition of your house as soon as possible. Repair home damage immediately to prevent leaks, damage, or losses caused by inclement weather. Make sure that the roof is free of damage and holes in all parts of your house. It is also important to check the doors and windows of your home. They must be properly and firmly attached. Make adjustments and repairs as needed.


Always have your umbrella, jacket or raincoat ready whenever you go out this rainy season.

During the rainy season, people are more likely to get sick with the flu, safeguard yourself from illnesses that can be avoided, it's crucial to boost your immune system and take additional care of yourself and your family. Stay safe, warm and dry!


During the rainy season, it’s better to have a few extra essentials on hand. Make sure you have enough food, beverages, and medication in your home in case the weather forces you to stay indoors for an extended amount of time. Create an emergency supply kit. In the event of a calamity, having a "go bag" handy will give you peace of mind. Make a list of the essentials you'll need like canned goods, bottled water, a flashlight, and spare clothing, gather them, and store them somewhere safe and convenient. 


Have you got a ton of home repairs to make during this rainy season? iPera is here to provide you with helpful tips and extra cash.


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