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Do you want CASH BACK from a Lender?
Everyone who paid iPera on their 15th August due date received cash back deposited into their bank account on the 16th August. It is our way of saying THANK YOU to customers who stick to their agreement.
When you make an agreement with a bank, a lender, or even a friend who lends you money, you should honor that contract. It builds trust, it shows that you are a good person, and it shows that you are responsible with your credit score.
Building your credit score will help you to pay for the bigger purchases when you need them, it means that credit is available to you in times of emergency. Other lenders get told that you are trustworthy through the reporting to the Credit Information Corporation that lenders submit.
Banks see your credit score when you apply for credit cards, car loans, housing loans, or bank accounts. If there are negative marks on your credit file, you could get declined. If there are signs that you can be trusted to repay debt, you are more likely to get credit when you need it.
When you are a good customer with companies you get loyalty points or vouchers off future purchases.
Would you want to lend money to someone who did not pay back the last person that they borrowed from?
For rewards and information on how improving your credit score can improve your life, email us at
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