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Your loyalty to Blue Fin Lending Asia Inc will be rewarded with Lines of Credit and cash when you need it most, entry into monthly prize draws and special offers from our network of trusted partners. All you need to do is honor your agreement.



At Blue Fin we offer educational information on creditworthiness and how to build and improve your credit score. We participate in Financial Literacy courses online. We produce regular blogs and have discussions about affordability and creditworthiness. We are here to help and support you, and your community, for your future, today.




At Blue Fin we understand that things go wrong sometimes which might affect your ability to make your repayment in full or in part and on time. You have the option to pay a bit back and draw down further credit, or to pay off in full and extend your credit limit. We want to help you to build up your credit score and extend your Line of Credit.


If you are experiencing financial difficulties, or a temporary change in circumstances, Blue Fin will support you.


  • Inform us if you think you may have difficulty meeting your obligations so we can discuss your options with you.
  • Contacting us at an early stage may help to avoid default charges and collections procedures.
  • Default charges may be applied as detailed in the collections policy and in your Line of Credit Agreement. Further details of our default charges can be found here.
  • Your ability to extend your line of credit and increase your borrowing amounts with Blue Fin in the future could be affected if you do not repay on time
  • The Credit Information Corporation will be informed of defaulted repayments which could affect your ability to borrow from us, other lenders or banks
  • We will always try to help you by agreeing alternative repayment options
  • If you have problems making your repayment, contact our customer service team who will be happy to discuss your payment options with you.
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Stay in Contact with us at all times and we can work this out together.

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