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A Line of credit means that you have been approved for a credit limit and you can draw down against that credit limit when you need money starting today.

You can have percentages of your approved credit limit funded to your bank account when you need the money. You are eligible for your 2nd draw down after you have made at least 3 payments or repaid at least 80% of your first draw down with us.

As many as you would like to. As long as you have made your repayments to us for your outstanding balance, you are eligible for further credit up to your credit limit.

Your credit limit is calculated from your financial situation, including your salary, and through our decision-making analysis. If your circumstances change, your credit limit could be increased.

Blue Fin requires a temporary read-only view of your bank transactional data.

  • We can do this one of 4 ways.
  • We can connect to your bank
  • We can take screen shots of your transactional data
  • We can accept paper copies of your bank statements
  • You can show us your bank statements in person

We use this connection to:

  • Check we are dealing with a true customer
  • Make sure someone else is not using your identity
  • Ensure we are paying your money into the correct bank account
  • Verify information on the application form such as your salary
  • Make sure you can afford the repayments
  • Offer you a line of credit that you can afford

We do this securely during the application using Open Banking which allows us to read your bank statements.

We can also use other off-line techniques to get the same information and to analyze the data.

The security of any information you share with us is our top priority, which is why we use 256-bit encryption and meet ISO20071 and GDPR Standards. All our agents are trained to ensure your data is always protected

During the application we can temporarily connect your bank account. This is provided through Open Banking, a government initiative originating in Europe that is designed to increase competition and encourage new services like Blue Fin. It is specifically designed so that you allow us to view your bank statements whilst ensuring we cannot see your bank login details.

Blue Fin gets read-only access to your bank account, we cannot change/control anything or make payments.  Once the application is complete, we are disconnected.  We only need to see your statements to make a lending decision, not to arrange repayments. You are in control.

If you are still concerned, we have alternatives that could be more comfortable for you.

Send us a screen shot, show us paper-copies of your bank statements, take pictures of your paper-copies, and email them, scan them, upload them. Simple meet us, and show us your bank statements

We understand your concerns, so we are able to offer alternatives for you.

You are. You are in full control of your banking data. Blue Fin cannot use your banking data for any transactions.

Borrowing costs are displayed in your agreement and consist of principle, interest, and fees. You will see clearly how much your loan is for and how much you must repay. There are no hidden fees or charges. Everything is crystal clear for you when you have completed your loan agreement.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has put a limit on lending and Blue Fin is regulated by the SEC. We follow the guidance of the SEC and only charge what the SEC allows us to charge.

Are you over 21 years old?
Do you have a bank account with online banking where you receive your salary?
Are you a resident of the Philippines?
Are you in full time employment with a regular income?

If yes, you are eligible

Contact us, complete our registration form, provide any supporting information we request, wait for a decision. Everything is done as quickly as possible. You are informed and supported throughout the process by an authorized Blue Fin representative.

You will be told if you are approved, you will also receive an SMS and an email confirming your loan agreement and details.

Email us at to see if we have authorized representatives working in your area. We are expanding and if we don’t service your area now, we will do soon.

SMS and emails are sent out automatically from our system. If there are local issues that are out of our control, please be patient. If you require an immediate response, please call us on (02) 8 626 3204 or email us at

The money should be in your account within 24hrs. We send money the same day to successful customers; your bank might take some time to update your records. It has been sent from our end.

Please contact us at or call us on (02) 8 626 3204. If there are problems with your bank, we are sorry, but that is out of our control.

The due date is clearly displayed in your loan agreement. If you would like to make an early repayment, and therefore pay less, please contact us and we will be happy to give you full control of your repayments and a discount.

We always advise customers to pay on time. Late payments could incur fees and interest as described in your agreement. All penalties are regulated by the SEC and our charges are only what the SEC allows us to charge.

Late payments could affect future borrowing and your credit score. This could have an additional impact on future borrowing from other banks and other lenders too.

If you are experiencing problems, call us or email us, we are here to help

No we can only lend to customers that we speak to because we are an offline lender.

Stay in Contact with us at all times and we can work this out together.

Landline (02) 8 626 3204

Cell Phone (Globe) 0945 4502182

Cell Phone (Smart) 0968 7056775

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