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Open Banking

We use Open Banking technology and logical analysis to help us avoid fraudulent applications, scammers or people stealing your identity and ruining your credit score and reputation by taking out finance in your name. Open Banking speeds up the entire customer data verification process, so that Blue Fin can be a truly automated lending solution.

The faster we work, the faster you get your money and this means we can approve you in real time and transfer the funds to your account in minutes.

The Logical Approach to Off-Line Lending.

This technology and the logic behind this technology can be applied off-line just as easily as it can be applied online. Whether the bank statements are read by a human or a computer, both parties look for the same data. Being 100% Data Driven removes ambiguity.

Two important but simple questions answered.

The simple questions that Open Banking Logic asks, and answers are:

  • 1. “Is the loan affordable for this customer?”
  • 2. “Is this customer who they say they are?”

We Verify:

  • Your name, so your money gets transferred to the right person
  • Your bank information, so your money goes to the correct bank account immediately
  • Income and affordability to ensure you can afford your loan repayments

Open Banking is safe, confidential and 100% secure

  • The processes we use to read your bank transactional data do not let us see your password or log in details
  • We can accept paper copies, screen shots or information on your bank statements. We are Versatile.
  • We only use your bank statements for application processing and data verification
  • Our logic is compliant, safe and confidential
  • You grant read-only sight of your bank statements; we cannot control or change anything in your accounts
  • ISO 20071. Bangko Sentral ng Philippines. GDPR Data Compliant.
  • Off-line analytics can work with every bank in the Philippines

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