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How Do I Compare Lenders So I Get The Best Deal?

Customers can compare lenders on many different factors, and it is always good to shop around to see what products are out there and could be availed, however, making multiple applications to multiple lenders in a short space of time will negatively affect your credit score and increase the probability that your applications will be unsuccessful.

  • Would you trust Pink and Purple Fairies Bank more than you would trust BDO or BPI? probably not. The first thing that people often consider is is they have heard of the lender, or if they seem like a make-believe company.
  • Would you borrow money and give your details to a company that is not regulated and registered with the SEC? You shouldn't. Always go for compliant lenders.
  • Would you borrow 1,000 pesos when you have to pay back 10,000 pesos. No. The interest on the loan is always taken into account.
  • Would you borrow money against the threat of violence or personal harm if you fail to make the repayments. NO. Money is not worth putting yourself at risk for.
  • Would you borrow 2,000 pesos when you really need 5,000 pesos. Maybe. If you could borrow from 2 or 3 different lenders to get the full amount, you could consider it, but it is always better to get what you need from one lender.
  • Would you borrow 50,000 pesos with a repayment date of 7 days time? Only if you know that you can pay it back in that short period of time and in full.
  • Would you put a family heirloom as collateral for a loan? It is not worth the risk of losing something so valuable.
  • Would you take out a loan from a company that does not clearly show you how to stay in touch with them and how to repay the loan?

When comparing lenders look at their:

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Transparency
  3. Loan Amounts
  4. Reputation
  5. Interest Rates
  6. Fees and Charges for late or missed payments
  7. Technology and data protection policies
  8. Speed of service
  9. Offers and benefits and how they look after loyal customers
  10. Age of the company (iPera might be new, but we are a lot better than some lenders in the past)

When you have reached a decision that you are comfortable with, speak to the company, complete your application, and follow up with questions in case there is anything that you do not understand.

A good lender will look after you today, tomorrow and everyday, for the rest of your life.

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