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How Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Around The World

The purpose of Mother's Day is to honour and celebrate mothers and other maternal figures for the work they accomplish. This holiday encourages people to express their gratitude to mothers for their influence on our personal lives and their contributions to society. Depending on the country you are in, this holiday is celebrated differently. But they are all focused on showing how much we love and value our mothers. Many countries and cultures have their own traditions to celebrate important people like mothers.


Here is a list of just a few places that celebrate Mother's Day and how they mark the occasion in their own unique ways.



Mother's Day is a significant holiday in the Philippines. This is mostly a result of moms playing a significant role in Filipino society. Due to the love, happiness, and light she offers to the family, Mother is referred to as the "ilaw ng tahanan," or "the light of the home."  Common ways to show your mother she is loved and appreciated include bringing her breakfast in bed, taking her out to lunch or dinner, giving her a card or gift, calling her up especially to let her know how much you miss and love her, and simply showing up at the family Mother's Day celebration to spend time with her.


United Kingdom

This tradition evolved from an earlier one in which families who had moved away would return to the original church they attended. Mothering Sunday" falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Young house servants are going home to see their mothers to spend time with them. Earlier, families who had relocated would visit the original church they had attended. This practice has now developed. Many churches still distribute daffodils for kids to give to Mom on this day, preserving the holiday's religious roots. Along with making a fruitcake for their mothers, girls also traditionally do this.



A Mother's Day celebration gained popularity after World War II as a consolation for moms who had lost sons in the conflict. Carnations are often given as gifts during this March event because, in Japanese culture, they represent the sweetness and tenacity of motherhood. Children used to exhibit a white carnation if their mother had passed away and a red one for a mother who is still alive. White is now accepted as the traditional colour.

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