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How To Borrow Money Wisely

There are simple steps you can take to make borrowing more efficient and reduce any repayment risks you may encounter. These steps also have the added benefit of helping improve your credit over time.


When taking on debt, do your best to obtain the lowest interest rate. Regardless of the form of debt you're taking on. Looking for the lowest interest rate available will ensure that you pay less throughout the loan and thus bear a smaller risk of delinquency or default should you run into financial trouble. Only borrow what you can afford to repay.


Always compare interest rates and enquire about any reductions in interest rates that may be offered, such as for setting up automatic payments for your debts. When you have successfully made on time payments for a few months, request interest rate reductions for your track record of timely payments. 


There are usually offers available from lenders, you could get money off, lower interest, or a top up loan. 


Don't just pay the minimum amount due on loans; instead, make extra payments so that you might pay much less interest overall. Making loan payments on a biweekly basis rather than every month is an easy fix for this. You barely even notice that you're paying for an additional full month's worth of service, this could reduce your repayment timeline. 


Paying off faster means building your credit faster and you can borrow again at better rates.


Limit the number of lenders you use for your borrowing to one or 2. When at all possible, borrow from a single lender. For example, having your mortgage, credit cards, and personal line of credit with the same bank can help you get cheaper interest rates, reduce costs in some situations, and build good relationships with lenders when you need money. Over time, you'll benefit if you establish a good reputation with a primary lender.


You can be a VIP, and get the VIP Special services if you have multiple products from one lender and if you have good credit history with them.


Building up your credit score helps you to have a better future. 

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