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Is it better to be trusted or not trusted?

We all have that friend who asks to borrow money and you know you will not see it again, or if you do, it will be half now, a bit later and another payment much later.
Do you want to lend these people money?

Then you have friends who borrow money and say “I will pay you back at the weekend”, and sure enough, they do. Are you happy to lend to those people again? Even if there are no fees and interest applied, you are happy that you have helped them, happier that they have paid, and you know that you can trust them again in the future.

Emergencies happen.

We all have unexpected bills to pay, vehicles that breakdown, school outings or fees to pay, or during rainy season, the leak appears in the roof. Those people with a high trust score know that they can get the money quickly, easily, and they don’t worry.

If your trust score is low, and you owe all your friends money, who do you turn to when that emergency happens? You have burned your bridges, and when you really need something, it is not available.

Building up a trust score is a 2-way process, if you make your repayments, you should get lower rates, higher loan amounts, or benefits on your next loan. If you don’t get something that you expect, you lose trust.

The lender wants to trust you, you want to trust the lender, so that you have money when you need it for a better future.

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