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Superstitions For The New Year

Filipinos have many interesting traditions or beliefs associated with New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in the Philippines. It is said that you should follow these customs and traditions to ensure that welcoming the new year is a prosperous one. Many of these superstitions come from Chinese influence.

One of the superstitions is about how to spend money and pay off debt before the new year comes. Here are the traditions and superstitions that you can follow to attract good fortune and to be more blessed financially.

1. Fill your wallet and your pocket with peso bills and coins. They believe that whatever your financial situation is at midnight, it will be through the year.

2. Turn on all the lights so that the coming year is bright. Also, open all doors, windows, cabinets and drawers to let good fortune in.

3. Don't spend money. Your savings on the first day of the year will prove your money management in the coming year.

4. Don’t clean anything! You might sweep the wealth away and dump the good fortune that came in on New Year’s Eve.

5. Do not lend money to anyone in the new year; all debts should be paid off before the new year. If not, you’ll be paying back debts all year long. It is best to be debt free by the time the clocks chime midnight. Entering a new year in debt means that the debt will increase throughout the year.

Many Filipinos follow these beliefs in hopes of good finances and good luck in the new year.
We can't promise that these New Year's Eve and Day superstitions will bring you luck or money, there is certainly no harm in trying.

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