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Why would you borrow more than you can afford?

When you borrow a loan, you sign an agreement to repay it. That means that you understand the need to repay, the amount to repay and the date to repay. You are committed to that agreement and you need to respect it.

The company has lent you the money in good faith and honestly to support you, it is respectful and right to repay it on the terms that you agree.

You know what your salary is, and you know how much money you will have in your bank account on the due date, and you know what you can afford to repay.

You might have a big expense, that is a one time situation, so you need a bit more.

You might want to buy something that is more expensive, so you need a little more to be able to afford it, but when you borrow money, you are responsible to repay it

If you fail to pay the loan back, and you use the excuse that you can not afford it, you clearly did not understand the contract that you agreed to.

Borrowing just what you can afford to repay, means that money will be there in the future when you need it, it means that you are a trustworthy and good person, and it will boost your credit file, so other lenders will also see your value.

If you are looking for a housing loan in the future, or a car loan, or a loan for a holiday or a wedding, you must have a good credit file.

Negative scores, meaning that when you need to borrow money, you can not get the credit that you want, because you have a bad reputation.

Borrowing what you can afford opens doors to a better future.

Going into debt closes those doors and they might never open again.

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